The Day I Left Home !

Hello friends !

I like to share, yes, the same old traditional story for centuries ,the day I left home after marriage ! One ridiculous Q that hits me always is “Why do girls have a fate to leave their home and loved ones?”. Even our permanent residence changed too! Why ?! I do agree, under circumstances men also pushed to work in different countries leaving behind their parents and families. But our rituals are bound long ago that a girl child will have to leave her parents, family and enrol herself in a new relationship. Marriage brings twist in our life. It is must for a girl that they should carry their post – marriage home identity thereafter. Even, girls need to change their life style after their wedding in some cases. If you are lucky enough to have a brother, he’ll be there for them thereafter. What happens when only one daughter in a family is getting married ? Their parents life after that ? But, girls who have their parents in the same city are really lucky !

bride after marriage

Out of serious note, the time came when I was about to leave my home on the day of my marriage, my tear glands started secreting tears. This is where you have to let your imagination horse for a marriage send off scene ! Everyone of us broke out. When I was about to leave, I am searching for my sister. She was hiding from me somewhere with the aim to full fill all the pots & pan there. At last, we consoled ourselves. It was very difficult for me to pass through this phase. My uncle who taped all this made fun of us. Watching those moments now might give us fun, but really for a girl is such a painful moment. Such a girl thing to understand!


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