What does true love mean?

Hey there!

How was the day? Today, I got to read a article that really touched my heart. Love stories always attracts us that too when true love story happens?!! I started reading the article with much eager. The article was about the true love between the couple, both aged 80+. The ladylove was suffering from osteoarthritis. She needed more care and best treatment. Though her love was aged too, he took care of her at most and gave her the best treatment for her. But, is there any one who can stop death? In spite of the best treatment given to her, the lady passed away. What’s the man’s rest of the life filled with you think?

old aged couple in love

It’s only love, unconditional love and true love. It’s not the wealth, property or dollars that you had chased over the years which gives peace for the rest of the life.

That article was really heart melting story. It reminded me of my grandparents true love. I understood what true love is when i saw my grandparents. They were actually made for each other we thought. By the age of 60, due to diabetes my grandma lost her vision. She always needed someone in help as she could not walk alone. We could not be not over there in those times, as we were chasing behind the bullshit money! But, my grandpa was there for  her. He took care of her as a child. He treated her like her princess at that age too. He bathed her, dressed her and even he leaned to cook for her. When my grandma says “Dear! Enough. U took care of me more than anything. I’m blessed. Am willing to go. Am causing much trouble to you I think”. But her love said, ” Oh Dear! Do u think I’ll live without in this world? Never. God has extended my life so as to take care of u. My only work is to take of u and u only. I’m not interested to live here if u are not there for me to hold my hands.” That’s it. When we heard this, we went really speechless.

true love

 Am really wondered and am thrilled whether my next generation will love their life partners like this. I am sure I’ll definitely tell my grandparents love story to my children to teach the beauty of unconditional love and life.

Loving someone, admiring the beauty at middle age is not so important. But, loving someone conditionally at the ending stage of life matters most. People physic may change, character may change too but love?!! True love is holding hands together even at the stage of wrinkling cheeks and greying moustache. What’s there to live in this world when there is no one to care, cry and love when you are in final stage of life?!!


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