Living Abroad has its challenge !

Hi friends,

“Living abroad!” Yeah! This is the answer I give if someone asks me the Q what has been the most difficult phase in my life?! People might think like life in abroad would be so luxurious. But it is not that easy friends. I personally experienced that phase in my life. It has been almost 3 years when we left Canada. I never ever dreamt that I would be going abroad in my life. Because, as a person I would like to be with my family and relatives all along.

Life in abroad

Living in a total new environment created a new feeling in us. I am sure that people who lives in abroad have both happy and sad experiences. Because loneliness is the major challenge which everyone faces at first. So, you should prepare yourself emotionally and physically to start your life there. People who ever going abroad (mostly house wives) should be aware that they should get rid of homesickness. You are forced to live in a new face of your life even if you don’t wish. It gave me a mixed feeling like you never want to return to your home or the other way like you have no option but to get back to your own country immediately.

First & Foremost thing, I prepared myself to assess my life in a new perspective. I understood the meaning of the proverb “Be a roman while in Rome” once I started my life there. Initially, we were eager to explore the new world dawned before us. Later, we started terribly missing our families, friends, hangouts, etc. Like in India, we can’t chat pat with ours neighbours, friends whenever. To overcome the loneliness we should engage ourselves in hobbies like Gardening ( that too in summer, otherwise you’ll see only white snow everywhere), Baking, Reading books, etc. Otherwise one good thing would be is studying there and getting a job.

Abroad life

                     We experienced a total of 360 degree shift in dressings, food, climate to habitat & culture and life style. Being a foodie, I missed our Indian Khanna Ghazana. Even though I had cooked before marriage, not that expertise at that times. I started innovating new dishes, poor my husband who is the judge to give marks for the recipe! We really missed  our food which is always interconnected with our celebrations. Happiness while celebrating colourful festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chathurthi can’t be replaced by any other stuff there. But we made friends there and started weekend get-togethers which made us feel we are not alone in a new land. Myself and my hubby had a joyous period of adventure of being abroad, at the same time sadness of missing our homeland.

Finally, how one year had gone, it is like dream that we have been there to the other part of the world. Not many people got to experience this, had a nice adrenalin rush throughout the year. It gave us an experience to adapt ourselves to any new environment. You might face the period living over there as a challenging one but it develops you as a person to the next stage. Thanks to this opportunity which made us learn things newer and made us realise how passionate we are to our homeland and our home of love.


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