Sure fire tips to stay motivated !

Hi Friends,

Anyone meeting a deadline in your project? Fired by your new boss? Child got only B grade in maths? Fight with your loved ones? Feeling down? Oh, Come on! Disappointment and failure happens to everyone. Being motivated in all these situations is really a tough one. Just try the below ideas/tips to stay motivated when you feel down.

stay motivated

#1: Dream of your future success stories. Create a pin board in your room with inspiring articles, stories. Keep it close to your work desk. Look at it whenever you feel discouraged.

#2: Get inspirational speech from your role models. Whoever it may be your parents, blood relations, political leaders etc. Buy some best inspirational books and have it in your shelf. Read it like when you drink a tonic when you feel sick.

#3: Always move with people who keeps you motivated in the right direction. Ping your close friend and talk to them for hours. And don’t forget to encourage the people you care for.

#4: Always reward yourself. Enjoy and celebrate every moment. Feel happy and get excited when you succeed at a new dish. And share it with you close ones.

#5: Don’t try to accomplish too much goals in your life. Choose any one task at present and stay focussed on it. Try to accomplish it on time.

#6: Do some physical exercise like yoga, meditation. Even light exercise has the effect to change our mood. For a change choose some other hairstyle, dress, etc. Definitely you will feel fresh and motivated.

#7: Make your task interesting and fun. Just ask yourself some questions like How can I enjoy myself in this task? How to do it best?

#8: Surprises! No one in this world who dislikes surprises ad gifts. Spend dinner/lunch with your family. Surprise your parents, colleagues with some gifts and celebrate their success. Indirectly it motivates you.

6 Steps to Ultimate Motivation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apply the above sure fire ideas to your situation. Even if you feel less motivated, try advice from some experts like doctors.

Get back to the track and stay elevated friends!


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