Bond between stories and story tellers !

Hi friends,

Every time when I meet my cousin ( 5 years ) in my grandparents home, we’ll fight with each other. Reason behind is very simple. Whose story topic will the grandfather pick! Might sound crazy! But I used to hear stories from my grandfather when he tells to my cousin. And one of my most treasured moments was hearing stories from my grandfather. Every family has a good story teller like my grandfather. I used to listen to my his stories even at my class 10. He is a such a, how to say, awesome story teller. Story telling session was a most important part when we meet in my grandparents home. Our holidays will never end without a story telling session.

stroy telling

He told us our family stories like how he studied and became an engineer, how he brought up his kids, etc. I think every kids needs to know this as its really important for children to know about their family roots, who they are and where they came from. When we tell him “Tell us a story”, only for a minute he will think. After that he will come up with a well framed entertaining story to make us enjoy.  He will tell stories from Indian mythology, old black and white Tamil and English movies. Even now I could recall how he narrated the story of the English movie “omen”.  He entertained , taught , made us laugh , made us think through his stories. His stories passed message into us.

story tellers

Even Albert Einstein said ” If you want clever children tell them stories. If you want brilliant children tell them many stories”. Every story has a strong message behind them. We tried to connect our lives with the stories we heard from my grandfather. The way he narrates made us to enter into the world of imagination. Because he has right to make animals speak , trees dance , gods to give boon. We imagined the world and fired questions to him. He uses different words and makes funny movements. He makes different voices like “Dum Dum” for a tree when it dances (Like in Night at the museum when the tress says Dum Dum I will feel proud of my grandfather ! He used it many years ago ! ) Even my mom, aunty sometimes comes closer and listen to the stories when my grandfather tells us. And the bed time stories made our bonding more stronger with our grandparents. When we “Just one more story” he can’t refuse. He will try to control his sleep and tells the stories to us.


I think this story telling period would be the best part in every grandparents lives too.  This is the best way for them to engage with grandchildren. Next time when your child asks you for a story, don’t go for Google apps stories or books. Just send them to their grandparents. They have a lot to share and care from their hear! There is no doubt that our grandparents are the best story tellers in the world, even if their own stories are never published!


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