Bird Watching – Fun and Fascinating !

Hello Friends,    

Recently I got to read a article in Hindu which covered my most fascinating activity ‘Bird watching’ or ‘Birding’. It is a popular hobby throughout the world. Looking out for various species of birds in my locality is such a refreshing and relaxing hobby for me. It welcomes me to the world of birds which is to be explored yet. Nowadays, I have gone crazy about watching the birds that comes to my yard. In the racing world, we are always surrounded by chirping of birds which didn’t fall in our ears. Being a homemaker, I tend to watch those beautiful birds that visits our nearby trees.

My tiny friends

My tiny friends: Chikku and Makku


Regular visits of those birds to my yard makes me a friend to them. You might ask, is it possible to see a bird other than crow in this concrete world?! If you have a close look, you ‘ll be able to see so many  species of birds. Come on, let’s have a look to my friends Chikku and Makku! View the below photos to have a look of them. Black beaked one is Chikku and the brown beaked one is Makku.

House for birds

A tiny home for them

Chikku & Makku will be so energetic in the morning when they are in search of food and water. I always make sure that there is enough birdfeed and water for them in the my compound wall or the near by trees. Even if I forget to feed them, they’ll come and sit in the wall, start chirping, which means they are asking for food. When I keep the food for them, they will finish their breakfast and flew away and come back once again for their lunch. It ‘s just a nice feeling to see those tiny friends eating and chirping. When we were in Canada, we had bird houses, bird feeders of various colours and designs to attract birds in our backyard. I try to watch those birds closely and note down the colour, beak size. Now, as I read in the Hindu article am ready to record my tiny friends details in the database. If you are interested in bird watching or have close details of the birds in your locality, then please refer to the link above and give your contribution.

Bird watching

Bird watching: A fascinating Activity

Okay! Here’s my start up kit for bird watching.

#1 Start for bird watching in the morning as they always search for food in the morning.  

#2 Always keep your bird feeders filled with fresh feeds. Bird feeders is a good idea to attract birds to your own backyard, front yard or balcony wherever.  

#3 Here comes the most important thing. Don’t disturb them, yeah! Let them enjoy their own life. Keep a distance from the birds until it makes regular visits to your home.  

#4 Plant trees around your house where they’ll come and sit for shade.  

Come on friends, let us enjoy the sport of bird watching!


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