Sunday Plan = Fun + Relax !

Hello Friends!

Just one more day to go. Yeah! For Sunday. When I say the word ‘Sunday’, I am quite excited and an uninvited smile sticks in my face. Some may have a difficult Q in their mind ” how to spend these Sundays?”. But I make the day, a happy day for me and my surroundings. Sunday is meant to be a fun day not only for me, but for the whole world I suppose. People like to enjoy the Sundays at the most that they don’t even want to think about Monday mornings.


For me, Sundays dawn with laziness. Along with my husband who is working 5-6 days a week and me being a homemaker (24*7, working even in Sundays!) eagerly awaiting the first day of the week (actually it is!). I don’t know whether I am being lazy on Sunday or Sunday is a day meant to be lazy?! I love to have a long, deep uninterrupted sleep until I wakeup by myself. It gives me energy for the rest of the work I am suppose to do. And nothing wrong in postponing the work for 1 hour for this heavenly sleep. Sipping a hot aromatic coffee with an interesting book to read is heaven, I say. An add-on to this your favourite snack. Before marriage, I used to have a relaxing bath on Sundays. But now, do you honestly think is it possible for me to have a relaxing bath on Sundays with my whole family sitting in the breakfast table waiting for me to serve?! I love to cook something warm &  filling that I won’t do normally. Having a enjoyable meal with the whole family, chitchatting with one another makes it feel  like a Sunday brunch. I do hear what you are saying, yes, Sunday will be a holiday for my diet plans also!


In contrast, my man wants his Sunday to be healthy. My Hubby wakes up early in the bed, goes for a brisk morning walk and comes with the newspaper. He’ll have a relaxing bath (?!) and afternoon nap is one thing my husband like to have which he can’t do it in his workplace. Other than that, we would like to roam around in evenings whether it be a religious place or shopping mall or simply a walk around the avenue which makes our mind calm and inspiring to keep going for the next week. Even though, we like to watch some TV shows which makes us light, we like to spare time with each other.


Here comes the toughest part, to accept that fact that Sunday is coming to an end. One thing we never do on Sundays is never think of the next day that will spoil the holiday mood. Sundays need not be a special but be careful to not make this a waste day as this day gives you a fresh start to the coming week. Do u know what mind voice do I have in the weekdays! Of course, eagerly waiting for the weekend that to Sunday to come, to enjoy the laziness in me!


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