My Love for Reading <3

To all book lovers!

A big Hi5! Yeah! I too love reading books. I can exactly point out the fact that when my love for reading began. Reading is one of the good habits that I inherited from my mom. As people say she nurtured this habit in my early stages of life. My mother, she is a voracious reader and has got excellent memory. You can ask her anything like sensational topics, politics, famous temples etc. She has got such a good quality in her.

Reading Books

So I believe my mom is purely responsible for the wonderful habit of reading nuturing in me. Even being a child, she took me along with her to the library where she will be reading novels and I’ll have my own babystories. Gifts presented during occasions like birthdays will also be a book which I will be longing to read.

Apart from our professional lives where we were busy in studying, working hard to earn money, marriage commitements, etc., I never want to give up my passion towards reading. Be it a fiction, thriller, historical, mystery or romance it takes me to another world where everything just stops behind. And I will get myself totally lost in the book world. Once, I start a novel I can’t even keep it down until it is finished. I believe reading a book will allow individuals to have their own vision and takes them to a complete imaginary world between the reader and the book. Reading  allows to explore one’s own imagination  skills, keeps them alive literally.


My passion for reading is something that cheers my mind even when I am distressed. It relives me from the pace of the fast world to my own world of imagination, a stress reliever. One thing I can do all day without boring is to read. I see to that I never go to bed without reading some pages of book. I feel my day is not fulfilled if I don’t get a chance to read.

Although internet has opened up a new world of digitalisation (i.e.) digital library like e-book, the feel you get while reading a paper book is something you can’t get anywhere. One thing  that bothers me a lot is lack of reading habit in the present generation. Even between the hectic schedule of learning, children’s should get practised to read some good stuff. Thanks to my mom who introduced me to the world of books where I get to learn one new thing daily.

If god asks me to carry one thing along with me wherever, I wish it should be a book to enjoy!

Love to read


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