Dear Me, I’m madly in love with you!

Hello friends!

I have seen many people who always shows no interest in their life. It seems like they are living their life as for someone’s sake. I really don’t wish to talk to them. I fear that if I talk with them, what happens to my happiness? I don’t want to loose my happiness and  my love. But what to do if your loves ones doesn’t feeling happy with their life? It’s our duty to console them, right. What solution we can offer to them?

love myself

‘Love yourself!’ I feel loving ourselves gives more self confidence. If you start loving yourselves then definitely your life gives you great situations for you. You cannot spread happiness and love to others unless you are happy inside.  If you start loving and feeling happy inside, it will show some effects in your relationships, your work, etc. But how to love our self?  Here are the  ways which I think will be helpful in  showing you the way “How to love yourself!”

Always treat people with kindness. If you do so, that love you showed will be coming to your way in a multiplied way. This shows you who you are, how generous and kind you are.

#Always go for fresh things. Never ever think about your past. Whatever it, may be your resignation, fight with friends, etc. Don’t think and waste time on the past issues unless the fault is on your side. Forgive and forget with a smile.

#Does anybody gave you positive statement about you or your character? Just remind those words when you feel down or else note it down in a sticky note and paste it in your room. See it and feel loved.

#Feeling low of your beauty? Oh, come on! You are pretty looking. Never discourage your physical appearance. Go in front of the mirror and say “All world beauties and hot models are not up to me!”

love yourself

#Get and do what you really want. Never ever commit a thing for someone’s sake. Practise to say NO if you don’t feel good about anything. Nothing wrong in it.

#Do and get what you love and what you really need. If you really want a Audi car or Samsung note 3, get it. Don’t get stuffs for showing your power on things unless it is necessary.

#Be enthusiastic and be cheerful. Be an optimistic person. Don’t think about the results of your work. If you do it with sincere, success is sure. But what to do if I got failed? You have learned a lesson which you cannot forgot in your lifetime. Say thanks for your mistakes.

#Express yourself. If you feel like laughing, burst out loud. Feeling sad? Just cry out loud in your room. Don’t control your emotions. There are many people who don’t laugh for good jokes but they say “LOL!”. We have to understand that they are laughing! Who knows may be their bank balance might have gone down if they laugh!

#Never ever compare yourselves with others. Five fingers are not unique always.  Think like there is no one in this world who can act like you. You are perfect for yourself.

love yourself

Love yourself madly to get anything get done in this world !


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