Small appreciation can do magics !

Hello Friends,

Is there anyone who really don’t like appreciation? Nobody, right? Then, why are we hesitating to praise someone who has done a good job?! Not so big, just a clap or a word from our mouth will do magic in their work. I believe in this. Yeah! Small appreciations can do magic. But, we are not willing  to take a step ahead. I am going to tell you another little but an interesting story which really happened in my life from which I learned this wonderful thought.

Appreciating others

In my family, we have a grandmother who spreads such a positive feel and smile every time when you see her. Whenever my mom feels bad, she’ll ring her up. After a while of conversation, we’ll see her face got enlightened with a good smile and she will be back to work with  full energy. One such incident, I would to recall now. When we are on a hangout, we went to a restaurant for teatime. Along with the tea, we enjoyed a snack which is utterly delicious. All we did was we finished everything in the plates and moved to pay the bill. Guess, what my grandmother did?! She called for the food attender and got to know who did this snack? She called for the chef too, praised his job and started asking for the recipe too. He was so happy to hear such a nice appreciation throughout his stressful day in his restaurant. He went with a huge smile in his face. We were shocked and stunned of her behaviour. Later we were very surprised to see the chef’s face filled with pride and happiness.

Small appreciation

At that moment, I got to know that one such appreciation will let us do our work more energetic and enthusiastic. All we need is one such gentle tap on our shoulders like “Nice work, buddy!”, “Way to go, dude!”. Start applying this magic from your own home and spread this wherever possible like from your office, child, neighbours etc. If you are enjoying the rich taste of the food cooked by your partner, say it immediately like “Wow! Wonderful, love!”. If your child scored average marks in his/her studies, just say “Good work, mama knows you still can reach your heights, baby!” instead of scolding to get good scores. I am sure this magic will start working, because my mom does this always.

Appreciating others

Just use this magic whenever you got to see some wonderful work done by others. Spread this magic chain, one day  you will get to reap the boom! Come on friends, let us start the magic from here. Yeah! you can pat me if you like this!


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