Silence – Another way to show your love !

Hello Friends!

Silence. Yes! It works between couples. And it’s important in a relationship too. Because it worked between my mother and my father! My mother speaks a lot. She is open minded, delivers her thoughts as she imagines with us. But my father is different. He is a very silent person. He never talks unnecessarily to someone or on something. He enjoys by seeing and making us happy. But how come there are happy together?


I wondered. Because I thought a talkative girl can be happy only with an accompany of a talkative guy. Like that for a shy, silent guy or for a girl too. But my fathers silence on some issues made me understood the need of silence in relationship. In a relationship, a persons silence may seems like you worthless, unimportant to them. But it’s not like that. If you are on a argument your partners silence is better than your killing words on them. We women always need to end the problem immediately with our loved ones.  So, we say like ” We need to talk this, now”. But men they need some time and space to clear their mind. So, they remain silent and they use power of silence for this. But we again try to start our argument over this and makes it an issue like “See! I am shouting for hours. You are remaining silent. What you are thinking in your mind? No, something is wrong. You changed a lot!”. Sometimes some women’s start to weep too. But this causes more irritation to their loved ones. We never bother to  understand the silence behind our loved ones.

Need of silence

If your partner is sad or down, you can enquire him like “Why are you sad?”. But if they seems to be uninterested in talking or conversing with you, just leave them alone at the situation. Don’t compel them. Just walk away from that spot. You may be waiting for hours for them to talk over certain things. But it’s not mandatory for them to talk with you all the time or to shower you with their love always. I believe silence between couple is sometimes more necessary like a hug as it makes their bond more strong. If a couple seems to be even more happier than over a silence for hours then it means that they are really bonded very well together !

This post was written in response to DPchallenge Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence


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