Colors – Rainbow – My childhood !

Hello friends!

I just thought of writing something that caught my mind when I read the Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths! Can anyone imagine the world being colourless like a black and white film. Everything we touch, we see, we use has its own colours. Normally  we don’t even notice all these colours would indirectly adds their colours to our life too! Colours add spice to our life unknowingly. Sometimes we were wishing like “Come out with flying colours! “, ” May your life be filled with colours!”.  From this we can understand, how much importance unknowingly we are giving to colours ! Moreover colours get different meaning in different cultures.


More than us, artists and photographers have a more clear point or view about colours and their impact on us. psychiatrist says that our room colours can change our mood and emotions. So, it is wise to choose colours more patiently! There’s some interesting facts about colours I had come across. When purchasing automobiles 70% people go to silver colour of their auto. They believe that silver colour got to meet less with accidents. Pink colour is mostly used to show your affection or your love to your loved ones. That’s why we prefer to choose pink as a primary colour when we pick gifts to them. People say blue is the wining colour.


But what picture reminds me when I utter the word colours?! Of course, the rainbow! Seven colours of the rainbow were so pretty that I wondered every time when I saw it I had a thought like who had painted this wonderful arch in the sky (in childhood days, yaar!) Whenever it rains, I will be ready by the side of the windows to see this colourful rainbow painted by nature. I was very eager in childhood days and excited to see  those colourful rainbows until I got to know the mystery of the colours in the rainbow ( Damn, Physics!!!)


As you know, favourite playtime for kids is to colour or to paint , as was for me. Whenever there was a drawing  competition ,I’ll be ready with my colours to present the reel rainbows in my paper (quite easy, huh?). And those books to colour, I never left a single page in those books. When I got to see a colourless picture in a book, start grabbing my  sketches and give a colourful life to those in the picture. My mom will be scolding me for exhausting the library books with those colours. In those times, I am mad for colouring. I don’t want any of the picture of the pages to be in white (crazy me!!)

Let us start enjoying the colours of nature ! I suppose all of them have their own favourite colours and let me know which colour do you like the most?!


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