She was too late to learn it!

Damini’s face looked so dim. It looks like she was upset over something. She picked her mobile and checked inbox. It says no new message. She threw it over her bed. She thought of the incident which made her upset like this. It was Abhay, her love. Abhay is working as a chartered accountant in a leading organisation. Damini works a program analyst in a leading IT company. But what’s more interesting if love goes without any difficulties? Abhay hardly finds time to spend with Damini as he has got more work pressure. He wants Damini to understand this and give some space for him. But Damini finds it difficult.

Deny to answer

That’s why they planned to meet on her birthday and make things clear. She waited for hours for him in the restaurant. Instead of Abhay, there came the text messages from him. ‘Dear! I feel sorry that I could not come now to see my one and only love on her birthday. I caught a big work now that I cannot skip. MD wants me to look on that as he finds me the right person for the assigned work. Hope you understood my situation. See you in weekend. Love you loads.’ She was about to cry when she finished reading the text but doesn’t want to reveal it in front of others. She came to her hostel room and got her shut in the room. Time rolled by. There was no message from him. She shed tears and she felt that he doesn’t deserve her love. By the time, Naina knocked her room.

Naina was her best friend from childhood days. They did their graduation together and they were working in the same company.  Damini knows Naina has some family issues. Its only Damini where Naina rest her sorrows and happiness. It is Damini’s words that made her to forget her mental pain. Naina knocked her door once again.

‘Damini, are you inside? It’s me Naina’. ‘Yeah! I’m in. What you want?’.

‘I need to talk to you. I want to see you’, Naina said in a lower tone. ‘Not now’, said Damini.

‘Damini, would you mind if you spare me just 5 minutes with me dear?’ added Naina. ‘Can’t you understand what I’m saying? Just leave me alone please’, said Damini in a harsh tone. Naina left that place. Next day, Damini saw her mobile fully loaded of missed calls from Abhay and Naina. Her hostel warden gave her a letter given by Naina. The letter goes as ‘Dear! Sorry to disturb you in this time. I am at the top of the pressure dear. I don’t know what to do. I cannot handle my family pressure anymore. It’s only you where I rest up my pressure Damini. If you’re free please text me or call me back dear’

Damini rushed her way to Naina’s home. She felt sorry for not picking Naina’s call. But by the time when she entered Naina’s home everything was just over. She was too late. She saw Naina sleeping peacefully in her bed. Her mother and her father was crying loudly by shouting her name. They said that Naina took high dosage sleeping pills at once. Damini started crying loudly. If she would have listened to her words for just 5 minutes yesterday, she would have at least made Naina to get rid of her thoughs of giving up her life. Damini felt very ashamed of her. She cried saying ‘I am really sorry Naina. I wished I could talk to you. I wished we could get solutions for your problem. But now, everything was just a wish.’

Damini suddenly picked her phone and made a call to Abhay. ‘Hey Abhay, I’m sorry for not replying you. I was little upset’.

‘Hey dear! It’s okay. No problem. I am begging you please do attend calls. Never deny a call dear. I was really worried what your thoughts would be by that time.’ Damini nodded her heard silently. In a lower tone, she said ‘Never. Will never deny a call’. Damini felt that she was too late to understand this.

This short story was written as a response to the Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 7 by Write Tribe.


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