Shh! Are you a Shopaholic?!

Hello Friends,

How many of you are suffering from Oniomania? Hey, Chill! It’s not a kind of disease. It’s the technical term for ‘Shopping addiction’! Coming to the point, everyone just ask this Q to yourself and be genuine while answering it. I know the answer comes for sure is “Yes”!

Shopping girls

It is just not only you and me, all of us are slowly moving towards this compulsive shopping disorder. We all shop for many reasons but for sure in need of it. But the addicts buy to relive anxiety. Not only the addicts, the global consumerism  knowingly or unknowingly urges us to buy something cool whenever we go for shopping whether we are in need of it or not. Just think of yourself. What do you do in weekends? Definitely going for outing will be in the list. Obliviously, outing leads to shopping. It doesn’t matter when we buy a stuff which is necessary. Are we practising this in real life?!

Buying a stuff which we don’t need just because it is a good deal (or) collecting a complete set of objects in a same style (like collecting mugs, accessories) is ridiculous. From outfits to accessories, decorators to furniture, kitchen utensils to electronics and so on and on. The list goes on if we start analysing unnecessary things in our home. Finally, it ends up as a mess in store rooms or garages where those stuffs rely. Shopping is not a bad habit when you tend to buy things necessary otherwise it leads to be shopaholic. Shopping is not the only way to fill your inner void or inability towards negative feelings or from emotional deprivation.


Here is just a few suggestions for not to be a shopaholic:

#1. Ask yourself, Do I really need this or do I just want it as it has good deal?

#2. Wait for a good period of time before you make impulsive shopping.

#3. When you are not in need of it, then don’t go for it. Cancel your shopping channels (or) internet sites, magazines, etc.

#4. Develop better ways to manage your money like getting dresses, useful things to orphans more over by getting the same unwanted items to your home.

#5. Spend your quality time for your family and friends and not for shopping.

Try these and have a change. Just remember the animation film “WALL-E”, don’t let it happen to our world!



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