Giving is an attitude – No matter it’s Potato chips or Money !

Hello friends!

How many of you have the heart to give 3 to 5 potato chips when you have a full Lays packet?! Okay! I know there will be only 10 potato chips, the rest filled with air!  Sometimes people used to make a funny comment on this like “Hey! I bought a packet full of air and I found 10 potato chips in it!” Okay! Jokes apart, I have a reason for the question I asked.


Recently, I came across a video which made me think deeply in the attitude of giving when I came across the above Q. Yes! It drives home a valid point. Sometimes our Grandparents buy a packet full of potato chips and give it to their grandchildren. They start to taste it and enjoy it fully. At some point, grandparents used to ask their grandchildren like “Dear! Can you give me 3 potato chips?” Some grandchildren will give more than their grandparents asked and there are some children who used to count the chips and say like “See! I don’t have enough. How will I give? Go and buy for you”. Here comes the attitude!

Yes! Do you think the grandparents can’t buy them a separate packet of potato chips for themselves when they have bought a separate packet for you? People don’t understand the reason behind this. Grandparents are indirectly teaching a lesson of giving attitude to their grandchildren. If you are not able to give 3 potato chips to your grandparents who bought you the full packet, then how will you have the mind-set of giving or sharing chips to your friends or parents or to anybody else?


See, its’ not a matter of chips. It’s matter of heart. Yes! The same potato chips theory is applied to money. If you are not able to give Rs.1 when you have Rs.100, then how will you give Rs.100 when you Rs.10, 000? And if you have a heart of giving of Rs. 100 when you have Rs.10, 00o,  then I am damn sure that you will give Rs.10, 000 when you have Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Because it’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of heart. The giving attitude should be cultivated in the younger age itself, unless you won’t have the heart of giving even less to the needier.

Remember the quote said Mother Teresa “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving!”.



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