Walking – The ultimate exercise cum stress reliever!

Hello friends!

How many of you go for a walk regularly or at least twice or thrice a week?! No lame excuses please whether you might be loaded with hectic work pressure. Do you know that walking is one of the best exercise which is simple and easy to become more active and healthier. In case, it is the least expensive way to stay physically fit. Neither you have to go the gym to reduce your body weight nor need you to buy your own equipment’s to stay fit. Hippocrates forecasting says “Walking is man’s best medicine”.


Innovative discoveries like remote controls, lifts, escalators led us to an inactive life, to be lazy. All of our day to day activities are engaged with machines. Even now, we are going for a walk in treadmill, a machine not in the roads! For a change, why not go for a walk outdoors enjoying the chirping of birds along with the morning/ evening breeze that gives refreshment that we can’t get in treadmill walks. Just get out of the damn machine that you are performing a walk indoors! Open up yourself to go for a walk outdoors with your loved ones, a two in one deal by spending time with your loved one and care that both of them are staying fit.


Even if you don’t find time for your regular walking, make it up for yourself. Just going to visit friends nearby or to religious places nearby or to parks or malls nearby to get groceries, drop your two/ four wheelers & go by walk. It is good for your health, your wallet (save fuel) & for your environment(less carbon footprint) you will feel like amazing!

Neither do I need to tell you the enormous health benefits of walking which helps you to overcome diabetes, cardiovascular disease, to  lose weight, depression , to stay fit, etc. Okay! Guys, I am ready to go for walk to collect the daily essentials. Anybody accompanying me?!



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