Are you cooking for refrigerators?!

Hello friends!

Are you the one who cooks for refrigerator?! Yeah, it may sound crazy, huh! But this is the present or real life situation that is going on in each and every family irrespective of whether you are working or a home maker. Am I right?


Just think of it how many of us do this mistake in common? Thinking as a smart to overcome the tight work schedule, we are planning to cook in advance and keep it refrigerated. And again in this work pressure, we sometimes forget about the edibles in the fridge, ending up in a mess. Finally, stinking smell from the fridge says “Please clean me up!”.


Jokes apart, to escape from daily cooking, we are doing this practise. Only the day you cook the food, it is fresh and the next day it is considered to be leftover, though we do know the fact that leftovers even refrigerated are not good for health. Despite of our laziness, how can we target our health? In cold countries, it is okay that the leftovers can be taken in for a day or two. But in warm countries like India, that too in summer, foods can’t be preserved in fridge (without preservatives like the one used in pickles).

storing food in fridge

Leftovers will be more while partying that we can manage accordingly. But because of laziness to cook, we can’t eat leftovers daily. When it is not edible, it leads to food wastage. Just think of the faces who are all in need of food, we won’t think of wasting it again. Spending an hour or two in a day for cooking is pretty good for eating fresh healthy food. Fresh food always tastes best and makes you healthy. After all, earning money is to live happily and eat as you like. Then, why not eat healthy food in the wish list? Think and act!


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