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Hello friends!

Inspiration! When I hear this word, the face which comes to my mind after my parents is my Grandfather. What a man he is! Not only for me, but he is an inspiration for all the members in my family. He is a man filled with energy from his head to his toe.


I have never seen him inactive in my life. As I mentioned my grandfather’s love with grandmother in my earlier posts, he seems to be more inspiring me nowadays. He is from low economic background, yet he finished his degree and became a successful civil engineer. He worked as a H.O.D in a college. Till now I have seen my students of my grandfather who wishes him through letters or sends gifts to him even after they finished their course before many years ago. They say like “We have never seen a professor like him! He is our inspiration!” We feel proud when they wish him. He never acts strict to his students and to his children. My mom, aunty, my uncle all says like “We are blessed with such a father. There is no replacement to him. And no one equals to him!”

He will scold us even after we did a mistake. Instead he calls us and slowly tells us the mistake we did in a polite manner that will now hurt anyone. He is a spiritualist. He believes that there is some force that makes us to act and insisted the same feeling in us too. We have gained many good qualities from him. He teaches the value of life and love. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, the way he looks after my grandmother makes us feel more inspired. To my opinion and my knowledge, I have never seen a person who looks after his wife like my grandfather. He is looking after my grandmother like a 2 year baby. The way he encourages us in doing things boosts us more. Whenever we feel sad or dull or worried about certain things, we call up him. The way he motivates us like “Nothing to worry. Everything will be alright. Am there for you” makes us feel more energetic. The way he shows his affection to his younger sister fills our eyes with tears. She said she wrote letters to him during her younger age requesting him to get flowers for her during his visit to home from hostel.


Even at this age, he never became dull and sad. He has a daughter-in-law and she proudly says “I am really blessed to get this in-law!” Yes! Throughout his life, there is no one in his world who dislikes him. Not even a single person I have noticed. Everyone is wishing him good luck, good health, good wealth in his life. I feel it’s his good values and his good manners made him to climb up the ladder of love and affection in his surrounding people’s heart. I wish I could get love and affection from my neighbours like my grandfather. I wish to become like him. We have asked him like how he became like a person like this, that time he gently smiled and said “See! I inherited these good values from my parents. Like me and my love, my children had grown up and so you all. Remember the following basic things in life. Never get desire for others money. Get satisfied with what you have. Work hard and leave the rest to god. He will decide things based on our karma.”

My younger sister recently wrote few lines about my grandparents in her face book timeline. I would like to end my inspirational hero times with this as there is no ending to him!

He wasn’t a hero known by the world

But a hero to his children

Our grandpa is a gift of kindness!

She wasn’t a beauty known by the world

But a heroine to her children

Our grandma is a gift of love!

I wrote this article as a tribute my grandfather as a token of love ( Yeah! I will show him and love to see his face reaction! ) and a response to Write Tribe – Festival of Words: An Inspiring Story



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