Do you hold a negative icon?!

Hello Friends!

I would like to share some points about the video which I watched earlier. How many of carry icons in your heart? Yeah! Like icons in computer! We humans unknowingly carry positive icons and negative icons in our heart. Like I said earlier, the icons in computer like fire image for Firefox and dust box for recycle bin, etc. We unwittingly carry those icons in respective to the other people in our life. And we always try to get into the icon we have in our heart when we meet them or talk about them.

negative icons for people

To make it more lucid, when I say the word Firefox you immediately thinks of the icon, fire symbol in your computer. Your mind will not visualize the coding inside neither the software which causes the Firefox to run. Like it, when you hear a name, your mind immediately visualizes the icon which you have for them as a readymade, like “Shreya! OMG! She is a very active girl” or like “Akshay! Very annoying and too talkative!”. But what made you give these icons to those people? Who are you to judge them? Did you ever know about the inner feelings they carry inside? Then why you people just try to transfer your icons to others too?! And you always these icons based on the last incident or last meet, right?! You are using these icons in relationship as a reference. Even if you get hurt inside or be loved, you always try to fix the people in those two icons: negative and positive. If you ever get hurt in a personal relationship and you give these icons to the one you love, what is the meaning of the years of goodness and life you lived together? How can you blame a person, you loved the most in the world with just one last incident?

negative icons for people

The only way to get rid of these icons is “Threw it away!” Yes! Threw away the icon you hold for others and forgive them with a smile. There will always be things to forget and move for your next step. And if you fail to remove those icons from your heart, the loss is for you. You will get hurt deeply inside by you not by the person who hurts you. Take it easy! Forgive and forget!



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