Travelling is as equal as learning!

Hello Friends!

As a person as I mentioned in my earlier post, I would like to travel a lot. Travelling is one such experience which leads us to explore new places, people and culture all around the world. Be it an international trip to discover the cultural similarities among the people or a trip inside the country to explore the diversity of cultures, it gives us such a nice experience to retain it in a book of life.


Actually speaking, travelling leads us to learn; see our life in a new perspective; seek new values from all around. More than ever before, the ease to travel around the world and with globalisation plenty of information available, we’ll get to have a virtual exposure literally. Either it be a significant historical place or scientifically relevant place or politically important place, we tend to learn a lot by travel.

Just being away from our regular place and routine schedule makes us learn how to adapt to a new environment. I just read somewhere a Chinese saying that Travelling ten thousand miles is equivalent to reading ten thousand books’. Mostly, I tend to read a lot and lot about the places we are going to visit. I want to know the significance of the place while I visit and eager to know the stories behind it whether it’s a spiritual or historical place, whatever it may be.


Anyhow, Travel not only gives an adrenalin rush to explore a new place, it gives us an enjoyable experience which will cherish for our lifetime. Okay! Then holidays are nearing, what’s your plan?! Get ready to explore!


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