Track your happiness!!

Hello Friends,

I was just thinking about happiness and questioning me like where it lies and from where it comes when I heard some where about the phrase ‘Track your happiness’. It made me think deeply and arises many Q’s about happiness? What makes us happy? I phone or BMW or lump some money to purchase whatever! Where our happiness lies in the things we buy or in our heart?!


By these years, one thing I understood that nowadays our happiness are materialistic rather than heart-warming. We feel happy and excited when we can buy a latest I phone that none of our friends had bought; we’ll feel fantastic and proud when we a have a big house that our colleagues don’t have. Did you had a research for yourself for the big Q that when is your last happiest moment without being materialistic? If so, the answer will be a big NO, am damn sure. It is not the real happiness that we are enjoying now.

Our real happiness is what we enjoy with our family even in a small house, spending quality time with our children despite running behind the goddamn money!! If you can’t afford to take your family to dine out, no problem! Enjoy the dinner with the whole family in the dining table, it makes your happiness double.


It is the real time that you can investigate yourself that you are in a right track or not. Try to track your happiness, find out what are the factors personally that makes yourself happy. By this, you will get to understand whether your happiness is bound to be materialistic or heart-warming?!

Okay friends; Get ready to track your happiness!



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