Appearance vs. Inner beauty!

Hello Friends,

“APPEARENCES ARE ALWAYS DECEPTIVE”. You might have heard about this famous proverb which is very practical also. I would like to convey this proverb to the youngsters in present days. They tend to decide a person by looking their appearance.  But, appearance is what a person being looked from outside.


Judging a person simply by seeing his external appearances will always makes us deceptive. A person who looks decent outside might not have the good attitude and behaviour from inside. Similarly, people who might look rude, they tend to have good moral values and be a noble person from their heart. So, one should not judge people just by seeing their appearance. Appearances are ambiguous.

Take your own time to know about their behaviour and attitude before judging a person by looks. You might also have heard about the similar sounding proverb “DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER”. The cover of the book might not be as attractive as we thought but the matter inside the book might be astounding. One who trusts people by appearances will learn quickly that their mode of trust is wrong.


So make friends only by considering their inner beauty not just by their cover, because “ALL THE GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD!”.


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