Winning isn’t everything !

Hello Friends,

 Is there anybody who wants to lose a game, huh? No!! Wining is one thing which nobody wants to lose in life, love, battle, challenge wherever it be, right? I sure do. I suppose everybody hopes the same. Everyone wants to win the challenge placed before them. If there is someone to win the match, definitely there will be another one to lose it.


 You might have heard this famous quote by Bonnie Blair, “Winning doesn’t always mean being first; Winning means you are doing better than you have done before”. How true these words! It is not that we will be placed in sky after winning a challenge. It is just you are better than the losers. So, winning a game should not add head weight to one’s character.

 It doesn’t matter that you win or lose a game, what matters is that you give your best to fight for it. That makes you proud even to be defeated. It is not that I don’t care for winning. I do. At the same time, winning isn’t everything. You should have a brave heart to admit the defeat.


 So Friends, don’t be sad that you are not a part of winning party, be proud that you are the tough competitor to the winning group.



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