Sorry for the loooong break !

Hi Friends,

It has been a long break from blogging. I am sorry for the unannounced break. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away before a month. Since then, it took more time for me to get normal. Now I feel better and back in track. Really after marriage, I understand that missing our loved ones is such a painful feeling that even the son or daughter can’t understand the intense grief. A good friend, lifelong accompanied partner and soul mate once lost to god are lost forever.

We might miss the role played by his/her in our life maybe a mom/dad, grandpa/grandma. But the journey they had started together as a couple will be a milestone in their life when they refresh their memories. In such a long and loving journey of years together, sudden departure of one of the partner is indigestible. That too in the final stage of life, the partner who is left behind will have such a lonely feeling even though they have their son/daughter around them.


My grandpa always said that he prayed god to take both of their soul together in a night. He and his wife always had fulfilled feeling of life that they are blessed with good son, daughters and grandchildren. They have seen everything in their life like ups and downs and in the final stage they wanted a peaceful goodbye to all of us. And now, my grandma is no more. My grandpa is living in the beautiful house where they started their life with her memories all along. I miss you grandma! And we loved you!


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