How about an Apartment Garden?!

Hello Friends!

Ahead of earlier discussions about having a garden of our own, I too have dream of having a cup of coffee in my own hand carved garden! But, people who are like me are leading their life in the concrete jungle with apartment culture growing everywhere due to space constraints are longing to have a closer connection with nature. Then, how can we have our dream garden in our patio? Hmm?!

Don’t worry! We have the solution for that! How about having indoor plants? It might not be possible to replicate the entire garden in the apartment. Alternatively, growing indoor plants can be a great and refreshing hobby which enhances the circumstances we live. Actually speaking, indoor plants can purify the air in our homes. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and also absorb many other pollutants in the air.

Patio garden                                                        apartmental garden    

To be a successful indoor gardener,

– Find the suitable indoor plants of your choice from herbs to ornamental plants, etc.

– Check out the best suitable space for your interior plant.

– Give good drainage.

– See to it that they thrive in favorable temperatures accordingly.

Now you can enjoy the fresh air and the greens which will be a great treat to your eyes and nose even inside your home! 


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