Know your Heritage !

Hello friends!

I came across to read an interesting volume when I was surfing the net a few days back. The topic there deals with “Know your Heritage”. The information takes us back to centuries where people were ruled by kings. The architectural remains of the past such as the forts, palaces, temples, ponds, etc, reveal us the entire life history of those periods.

As a lover of history, I am always eager to know about the past. People might think it’s time now to get updated in every means of life rather than spending time to understand the past. How many of us have an urge to know about the history of our world, country and family? The answer to these questions lies in knowing our cultural heritage. Not everyone is interested in exploring their cultural heritage, but many do. Perhaps, it is interesting to know the facts of the golden era.

Family tree

Family tree

Knowing our race dates back to centuries, it begins with understanding of our culture from our food, clothes, religion, language etc. I feel knowing our heritage is also important because it contains the answers to the questions like who you are and where you came from. Everyone should know their history and should be proud of who we are and where we come from.




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