Granny’s Technique to Save Money!


Hello friends,

Our granny’s are the best in saving their hard earned pennies even before these modern banks came into existence. Yes, I mean it!! Just check out your extended memories! Our grandma’s always had her savings in spite of all the expenses she bared. She cautiously managed all the expenses within the income and even saved a good sum of money in her locker which will come out only when there is a sudden need. Can you guess what might have been her safety locker?!Any guess?!

save money

Of course, it is the place where she rules. You are right, her saved pennies will have a seat reserved in her kitchen boxes where she used to keep rice, pulses etc. You might ask me how you got to know these secrets! When I took a sneak-peak at my granny kitchen, she told me the secret mantra of how to save money.

Save money

The secret mantra behind this is simple but effective – “Start saving money before your expense starts”. I’ll make it clear by an example say, if you earn 10.Rs, try to save Rs.5 or 3 or any amount you want to, just make sure you save some for future. Then, start managing your expenses within the amount in your hand.

It is good to save before the expenses starts rather than to save the leftovers after the expenses. This secret mantra given by my granny works great, just check it out now, you will enjoy the benefits later! Visit your granny today and ask her if this really worked for her if you doubt about it!




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