An Elephant Taking a Bath Made My Day!

Hello friends!

When I got a chance to travel ahead some days back, I was quite excited to watch the rare incident happening before me! When I took a look around, not only me everybody’s eyes were anxious too. Yeah! I just happened to see an elephant taking bath! Mahout, the elephant trainer bathed the elephant. It was so adorable to watch.

Elephant bath!

Whenever I got see an elephant, I wonder how god has created such a gigantic creature on earth where he has created an inch long ant also. OMG, what a huge difference between these two? But irrespective of the size of the mammal, elephant has got only five senses, so that it is tamed and trained to serve its master. Mahout, the elephant trainer, tames and trains the big fat mammal like what we do for dogs knowing the fact that if anything goes wrong, it will show its color.

I was in a hurry to capture this rare scene in my shutterbug unaware of the circumstance. Out of curiosity, I went forward further to take another click. But then the mahout warned me to get back and told me that it might end up in danger, like if he got afraid of the sound or flash from the camera. Suddenly, it strikes my mind; it is an Elephant, the biggest animal on earth, not the puppy we are playing with!

No wonder how god has created every creature with its unique nature!


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