How Helpful Are We?!

Hello friends!

Many of us, almost all of us know banana tree and its nature. All the parts of the tree are useful in one or the other way. Raw banana, banana fruit, its flower and stem all are edible in India.  In India, Banana leaves is also used to serve food which has medicinal properties incorporated in it which when taken is good for health. Even strands of banana tree when dried are used to tie flowers to make a garland. Banana tree even when it sheds away gives another tree nearby.

Organ Donation

You might wonder why I am giving such a brief note about banana tree and its uses. I wonder myself how god has created each and every thing in this universe with a purpose in it. Just think of the banana tree how useful it is from top to bottom! At the same time, just think of us, how useful or helpful we Homo sapiens are? We can also be as helpful as banana tree by donating our organs for the needy after life.

The awareness for organ donation has emerged slowly among people even the uneducated people understood the fact that their loved ones will live forever in any form of their organs being donated. Rather than leaving our body for the soil to eat, it is better to donate our organs after life to be renowned for ever. Starting from our eye, heart, liver, kidney and even skin can transplanted. There are so much people who are in need of them. We can donate our organs after life and live forever.

Let us live our life even after life!



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