The Day I Left Home !

Hello friends !

I like to share, yes, the same old traditional story for centuries ,the day I left home after marriage ! One ridiculous Q that hits me always is “Why do girls have a fate to leave their home and loved ones?”. Even our permanent residence changed too! Why ?! I do agree, under circumstances men also pushed to work in different countries leaving behind their parents and families. But our rituals are bound long ago that a girl child will have to leave her parents, family and enrol herself in a new relationship. Marriage brings twist in our life. It is must for a girl that they should carry their post – marriage home identity thereafter. Even, girls need to change their life style after their wedding in some cases. If you are lucky enough to have a brother, he’ll be there for them thereafter. What happens when only one daughter in a family is getting married ? Their parents life after that ? But, girls who have their parents in the same city are really lucky !

bride after marriage

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