Can’t we be kids forever ?!

Hello friends

When I say the word ‘Kids’, all of a sudden we’ll say “I love kids”; Of Course, everyone loves. But in contrast, I love being a kid! I often ask my mom, “Can’t we be kids forever?”! She will smile and say, “I too wanted to be”!! I asked this Q as such it came out of my mouth. But then, I realised what made me to ask this Q which had a lot of answers in it. Being a kid, we always had a hand full of cherish able memories. By those times, we were amused by things like Barbie dolls, cartoons, toys, etc. When we happen to see kids playing, it reminds us of those days when we were kids. We didn’t care about the world. When we were kids, we’d get disheartened about not being adults to do our things by our own. Now, things has reversed.

being a kid

Those times, we don’t understand how the world works, from where money comes? We lived in a world with no rules but with imaginations. We lived life to the fullest. But, these days there are so many things that I need to think of. We have families, jobs, responsibilities to take care of. I cannot do things which am crazy about. Our responsibilities started building up when we finishes up our degree. After that we get stuck in the real world with tasks, promotions, deadlines. But, is it possible to have the same kids world again? Yes. It is to live your life right now, but by adding some colours and fun to it like when you were a kid.

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