Will a dream come true? – Write Tribe Festival

Alice saw a beautiful white horse in the field and a very handsome looking guy standing near it.

She made her step towards him and opened her mouth to question his name.

He in a soft voice said “I’m Adam, dear” and got her hand to seat her in the horse.

They start their horse riding and Alice felt a bond between her and the guy riding her horse.

The clock struck 9:00 when Alice mobile rang and Alice woke up from sleep.

She murmured to herself “What’s with the name Adam Jones? Why am hearing the same in my dream for last 3 days. What’s the point behind this dream?” and when again mobile rang suddenly she remembered her plan of visiting the Amusement park with her friends.

She licked the Ice cream which she held in one hand and she got the tickets for a ride in roller coaster.

Her friends got into it and when she was about to make her first step she slipped, fallen across the hands of a guy and she looked awestruck as she saw him.

Someone called him “Adam, what are you doing here?” and the guy smiling at Alice asked “Hey! Are you okay? Be careful with your steps?”

dream horse

This short story was written as a response to Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 – 9 Sentence Fiction