How Helpful Are We?!

Hello friends!

Many of us, almost all of us know banana tree and its nature. All the parts of the tree are useful in one or the other way. Raw banana, banana fruit, its flower and stem all are edible in India.  In India, Banana leaves is also used to serve food which has medicinal properties incorporated in it which when taken is good for health. Even strands of banana tree when dried are used to tie flowers to make a garland. Banana tree even when it sheds away gives another tree nearby.

Organ Donation

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An Elephant Taking a Bath Made My Day!

Hello friends!

When I got a chance to travel ahead some days back, I was quite excited to watch the rare incident happening before me! When I took a look around, not only me everybody’s eyes were anxious too. Yeah! I just happened to see an elephant taking bath! Mahout, the elephant trainer bathed the elephant. It was so adorable to watch.

Elephant bath!

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Granny’s Technique to Save Money!


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Our granny’s are the best in saving their hard earned pennies even before these modern banks came into existence. Yes, I mean it!! Just check out your extended memories! Our grandma’s always had her savings in spite of all the expenses she bared. She cautiously managed all the expenses within the income and even saved a good sum of money in her locker which will come out only when there is a sudden need. Can you guess what might have been her safety locker?!Any guess?!

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Know your Heritage !

Hello friends!

I came across to read an interesting volume when I was surfing the net a few days back. The topic there deals with “Know your Heritage”. The information takes us back to centuries where people were ruled by kings. The architectural remains of the past such as the forts, palaces, temples, ponds, etc, reveal us the entire life history of those periods. Continue reading

How about an Apartment Garden?!

Hello Friends!

Ahead of earlier discussions about having a garden of our own, I too have dream of having a cup of coffee in my own hand carved garden! But, people who are like me are leading their life in the concrete jungle with apartment culture growing everywhere due to space constraints are longing to have a closer connection with nature. Then, how can we have our dream garden in our patio? Hmm?! Continue reading

Sorry for the loooong break !

Hi Friends,

It has been a long break from blogging. I am sorry for the unannounced break. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away before a month. Since then, it took more time for me to get normal. Now I feel better and back in track. Really after marriage, I understand that missing our loved ones is such a painful feeling that even the son or daughter can’t understand the intense grief. A good friend, lifelong accompanied partner and soul mate once lost to god are lost forever.

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Appearance vs. Inner beauty!

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“APPEARENCES ARE ALWAYS DECEPTIVE”. You might have heard about this famous proverb which is very practical also. I would like to convey this proverb to the youngsters in present days. They tend to decide a person by looking their appearance.  But, appearance is what a person being looked from outside.


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