Compromise – A Must Quality in any Realionship!

Hello friends,

In the life we are leading now, compromise has just become a word in the dictionary. Just knowing the meaning of the word alone will not help us overcome several situations of life. Compromise is just a sort of adjustment or an understanding between people whoever it may be to lead a peaceful life. Be it a husband & wife, girl or boyfriend or two good friends or even in our work place between our boss & employees compromise has to be made at several stages of one’s life.

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Sorry for the loooong break !

Hi Friends,

It has been a long break from blogging. I am sorry for the unannounced break. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away before a month. Since then, it took more time for me to get normal. Now I feel better and back in track. Really after marriage, I understand that missing our loved ones is such a painful feeling that even the son or daughter can’t understand the intense grief. A good friend, lifelong accompanied partner and soul mate once lost to god are lost forever.

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Track your happiness!!

Hello Friends,

I was just thinking about happiness and questioning me like where it lies and from where it comes when I heard some where about the phrase ‘Track your happiness’. It made me think deeply and arises many Q’s about happiness? What makes us happy? I phone or BMW or lump some money to purchase whatever! Where our happiness lies in the things we buy or in our heart?!


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Do you hold a negative icon?!

Hello Friends!

I would like to share some points about the video which I watched earlier. How many of carry icons in your heart? Yeah! Like icons in computer! We humans unknowingly carry positive icons and negative icons in our heart. Like I said earlier, the icons in computer like fire image for Firefox and dust box for recycle bin, etc. We unwittingly carry those icons in respective to the other people in our life. And we always try to get into the icon we have in our heart when we meet them or talk about them.

negative icons for people

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Dear Me, I’m madly in love with you!

Hello friends!

I have seen many people who always shows no interest in their life. It seems like they are living their life as for someone’s sake. I really don’t wish to talk to them. I fear that if I talk with them, what happens to my happiness? I don’t want to loose my happiness and  my love. But what to do if your loves ones doesn’t feeling happy with their life? It’s our duty to console them, right. What solution we can offer to them?

love myself

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