Compromise – A Must Quality in any Realionship!

Hello friends,

In the life we are leading now, compromise has just become a word in the dictionary. Just knowing the meaning of the word alone will not help us overcome several situations of life. Compromise is just a sort of adjustment or an understanding between people whoever it may be to lead a peaceful life. Be it a husband & wife, girl or boyfriend or two good friends or even in our work place between our boss & employees compromise has to be made at several stages of one’s life.

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What does true love mean?

Hey there!

How was the day? Today, I got to read a article that really touched my heart. Love stories always attracts us that too when true love story happens?!! I started reading the article with much eager. The article was about the true love between the couple, both aged 80+. The ladylove was suffering from osteoarthritis. She needed more care and best treatment. Though her love was aged too, he took care of her at most and gave her the best treatment for her. But, is there any one who can stop death? In spite of the best treatment given to her, the lady passed away. What’s the man’s rest of the life filled with you think?

old aged couple in love

It’s only love, unconditional love and true love. It’s not the wealth, property or dollars that you had chased over the years which gives peace for the rest of the life.

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